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Keeping up with the Marketing Demands of a Small Business


Primary Grounds Landscaping came to TKO Graphix looking for help coordinating their marketing efforts. TKO had worked with Primary Grounds designing and installing their fleet graphics and was familiar with their marketing strategies. Like many small businesses Primary Grounds’ owner, Scott Rau, shared several responsibilities including marketing. Knowing that marketing was an integral part of the success of his small business, he realized his marketing efforts were not being maximized. He wanted his efforts to be proactive instead of reactive. Scott needed someone to bring his ideas to reality, unify his brand, and bring structure to his strategy.


For Primary Grounds, the answer was easy—it was more cost effective to outsource marketing strategies. The benefits of outsourcing marketing initiatives included:

  • Brand coordination throughout marketing medias
  • Working with a team of experts who stay current on marketing best practices and graphic design
  • Allowing in-house personnel more time to work within their expertise
  • Not losing potential customers due to poor or incomplete marketing campaigns


Primary Grounds contracted TKO Marketing Solutions to design and print their collateral marketing materials including business cards and product brochures as well as provide branded promotional products such as golf towels and kneeling pads. They found using one company, who took the time to understand their needs, to be an excellent solution to coordinating their marketing efforts.

Who Is Primary Grounds?

“Primary Grounds began as a lawn mowing and minor landscaping business in the spring of 1989 by the current owner, Scott Rau. The part-time business that was started to help subsidize a college education soon grew into a full time job. Over the past 22 years, Scott has transformed the company from a small lawn care business to a full service lawn care and landscape company that offer a wide range of commercial and residential services. Primary Grounds is a family owned business that prides itself in operating on one simple principle: provide each customer with high-quality personalized service. As a result we’ve enjoyed a reputation as one of Indianapolis’s premier residential and commercial landscape companies.”