Have you ever been on a crowded street watching a passersby nearly walk into light poles and people while they expertly type with their thumbs on their mobile device? Yea, me too. What does that person look like? Who are they and how does that impact your business? If your business website, social media, marketing isn’t mobile friendly you could be missing out on a larger demographic than you think.


What hidden gems did you find in these mobile usage demographics? Do you covet the 18-30 male market? If so, you’ll lose them if you’re not completely mobile friendly. Think the 30-49 crowd isn’t invested in social media? Half of them would disagree. Conversely, if your market is primarily over 65, mobile may not be critical, but be careful. For example, a nursing homes prime customer is well over 65, however the prospects children, who may be involved in the decision, might use mobile devices to vet health care facilities. What is your market niche and how does mobile accessibility apply?