17 09, 2019

5 Opportunities to Give Employee Recognition Awards

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How would you answer this question? “Our organization has an annual awards banquet. We’ve used the same style of trophy since 1998. So, we wondered what else is available?” Before we could answer the question, we needed to know what the awards were for, because it’s not only what type of award you should give, […]

10 09, 2019

Why Do People Keep Promotional Products?

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Why do people keep promotional products? That’s a great question and one that should be considered when choosing promotional products. There are several points to consider, such as, who are your customers, what is your price point, and what do you hope to gain. However, consumers are primarily interested in how useful and attractive a […]

27 08, 2019

Could Your Branded Merchandise be a Rock Star?

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I perform in a classic rock band. We’ve considered branded merchandise, T-shirts, and pens to start with. My question is should I sell them, give them away, or both? Should branded merchandise be considered advertising or revenue? What’s the best way to make our band’s branded merchandise into a rock star?

Give it Away, Give it […]

13 08, 2019

FAQ: What Can I Use Instead of a Business Card?

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Great question. I know I’ve collected cards — especially at events, and later wondered who they belonged to and what connections we’d made. I’ve tossed cards into drawers only to be forgotten. I’m certain the same has happened to many of the cards I’ve passed out. So, what’s the answer? I’m going to answer that […]

6 08, 2019

Why Sweatshirts Make Sweet SWAG

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So, why do sweatshirts and pants make sweet SWAG? There are two reasons, and both are why your organization should add branded sweats to your promotional product line up.

The First Reason

Before I share reason number one, I want you to do something. Take a minute and count the number of sweatpants and shirts you own. […]

23 07, 2019

Where Will Your Promotional Product End Up?  

2019-07-23T09:51:34-04:00By |Promotional Products|

You’ve decided to give your customers a branded copper-lined tumbler at your product launch. Therefore you’ve taken the time to choose a cup you know they’ll appreciate. “It’s a really good cup. It’s a 30 Oz. double-wall vacuum stainless steel tumbler with copper lining. Press in, twist closure lid. Keeps liquid hot for 5.50 hours […]

16 07, 2019

Should Your Business Giveaway Automotive Promotional Products?

2019-07-16T09:40:53-04:00By |Promotional Products|

Before I answer whether your business should giveaway automotive promotional products let’s do some math. “272.48 million vehicles were registered in the United States in 2017.” — Statista. There are more than 196 million licensed drivers in America, number of licensed drivers. So, how many of those 196 million drivers are potential customers […]