29 10, 2019

This Year Send More Than a Christmas Card

2019-10-29T09:19:44-05:00By |Promotional Products|

It’s getting close to that time of year. Time for your business to choose, order, address, and mail Christmas cards. I believe there’s still a place in our fast-paced, inter-webbed world for snail mail Christmas and Holiday Cards. However, why not do more than a card? Why not do a card and? Here are seven […]

22 10, 2019

Warm and Cozy Winter Promotional Products

2019-10-22T09:25:16-05:00By |Promotional Products|

It won’t be long until many of your customers are experiencing the cold, snow, and icy winds of winter. Can you think of a better way to show your appreciation and connect with a client than by giving them a promotional product that helps them stay warm? I can’t. So, here are a few ideas […]

15 10, 2019

Who Uses Promotional Products?

2019-10-15T09:38:32-05:00By |Promotional Products|

So, who uses promotional products? That’s easy to answer – everyone. Should you use promotional products? If you want the most cost-effective method of sharing a message, then yes you should use promotional products. Here are a few examples.



Footballs, baseballs, basketballs, and soccer gear with the school, team name, and mascot emblazoned on them. […]

8 10, 2019

Is Promotional Product Marketing Outdated?

2019-10-08T09:03:10-05:00By |Promotional Products|

Today’s promotional products can be traced back to 1789 with a commemorative button celebrating George Washington’s presidency. As early as the 1800s, advertisers used calendars for marketing. Any form of marketing used more than two hundred years must be outdated, right? So, is promotional product marketing outdated? Nope, and here’s why.

Out with the Old in […]

1 10, 2019

Shocking Promotional Products

2019-10-01T09:20:36-05:00By |Promotional Products|

In fact, some of the products I’m about to discuss could be shocking, but only if they were taken apart. So yes, the title was a cheap ploy to gain your attention, but if you don’t know about and use electronic promotional products, that’s shocking. Because shocking promotional products are electric.

Electronic specialty products, used as […]

17 09, 2019

5 Opportunities to Give Employee Recognition Awards

2019-09-17T09:04:32-05:00By |Uncategorized|

How would you answer this question? “Our organization has an annual awards banquet. We’ve used the same style of trophy since 1998. So, we wondered what else is available?” Before we could answer the question, we needed to know what the awards were for, because it’s not only what type of award you should give, […]

10 09, 2019

Why Do People Keep Promotional Products?

2019-09-10T09:03:36-05:00By |Promotional Products|

Why do people keep promotional products? That’s a great question and one that should be considered when choosing promotional products. There are several points to consider, such as, who are your customers, what is your price point, and what do you hope to gain. However, consumers are primarily interested in how useful and attractive a […]