22 01, 2019

Promotional Products People Will Absolutely Keep at Their Desk

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What promotional products people will absolutely keep at their desk? Think about it. What’s always on your desk? What, if it was missing, would you replace as soon as possible? When you answer that – you have your answer. So, what’s irreplaceable on your desk.

Promotional Products People Will Absolutely Keep at Their Desk


When people think […]

15 01, 2019

The Top Ten Promotional Products by Impressions

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You’ve heard others talk about how effective promotional products have been for them. You’ve seen branded specialty items used at trade shows and events. You’ve used a few products, but what are the facts? What products give your business the biggest bang for the buck? What are the top ten promotional products?

Although some promotional products […]

11 12, 2018

Wearable Advertising is a Great Way to Broadcast Your Brand

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Does your company have branded apparel? How about T-shirts or hats as special event giveaways? Because if you do, great, but if not — you may be missing a marketing opportunity. Promotional clothing can be an excellent branding tool. Wearable advertising is a great way to broadcast your brand.

What is Wearable Advertising?

Promotional apparel is any […]

27 11, 2018

Promotional Products Just for Fun

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I was once told that there are more than ½ million promotional products. Almost any item that a logo can be printed on or print attached to can be used to market your brand. So, any product that you think is fun, any creation that brings you joy could become an advertising specialty product. Here […]