16 07, 2019

Should Your Business Giveaway Automotive Promotional Products?

2019-07-16T09:40:53-04:00By |Promotional Products|

Before I answer whether your business should giveaway automotive promotional products let’s do some math. “272.48 million vehicles were registered in the United States in 2017.” — Statista. There are more than 196 million licensed drivers in America, number of licensed drivers. So, how many of those 196 million drivers are potential customers […]

11 06, 2019

What Summer SWAG Will Your Customers Love?

2019-06-11T09:23:52-04:00By |Promotional Products|

Summer is upon us, and it’s time for a new season of promotional products. We can put away the winter jackets, stadium blankets, and woolen mittens because the sun is out! Just as your clients, employees, and vendors appreciated the winter advertising products you shared they’ll use and enjoy the summer SWAG you give away. […]

4 06, 2019

How to Get 3,114 Impressions for Pennies

2019-06-04T09:47:17-04:00By |Promotional Products|

Advertising is expensive. It costs a lot to get noticed and to make an impression. Promoting an effective call to action which ends with a consumer buying a product or using a service isn’t easy. There’s branding to consider, marketing strategies, as well as getting the message to your target audience. Your business may have […]

21 05, 2019

How Promotional Products Enhance Your Wedding

2019-05-21T09:25:11-04:00By |Promotional Products|

Weddings aren’t planned overnight … Okay, some are. If you’re getting married this summer, you probably began planning last year. Arranging for a hall, caterer, DJ, and what seems like a million other details takes time. But what if you don’t have time? What if you’re out of time? In that case, promotional products […]