So, you want to look sexier, be more attractive, and radiate a confident swagger? Wear sunglasses, or better yet, give them away at your next businesses event.

Dr. Glenn Wilson, a psychologist at the University of London, who is known as the father of compatibility, has studied the psychological effects of wearing sunglasses. “Wearing sunglasses makes people feel more confident and attractive to the opposite sex. They make you feel mysterious, cool,” Wilson says. “There’s an association with the good life that adds to the aura — Hollywood, sports cars, all that.”

If your business wants to be associated with the good life, if your organization is looking for a promotional product that people will remember, sunglasses may be your ticket. Sunglasses make sweet swag.

Sunglasses are Intimate

I’d never thought about sunglasses being intimate, but they are a very personal thing. While one might think mirrored sunglasses are the best thing since sliced bread, another might see them as a reflection of someone’s lack of taste. Regardless, it’s how sunglasses are used that adds to their mystique.

“You can use them to create degrees of intimacy, you can do coquettish things. For example, dropping your glasses down to the tip of your nose to reveal your eyes works as a flirtatious, seductive gesture. Taking off your shades shows a desire to connect. Putting them on again, you shut yourself off. Casually twirling your sunglasses implies a footloose spirit.”  Sex, Lies, and Sunglasses

They Bolster Confidence and that’s Sexy

Wearing sunglasses bolsters confidence, and makes the wearer feel more attractive to potential partners. When you feel more attractive – you are more attractive because confidence is attractive. Although physical beauty is most credited for what makes anyone attractive to others, confidence makes you appealing, and sunglasses inspire confidence.

Protected behind shades people have the confidence to do things they normally would not do such as openly apprising a member of the opposite sex. Someone who would never consider “staring” at another might have the confidence to do so when wearing sunglasses.

The eyes have been called the windows to the soul, and there’s some truth there. Eye expressiveness is an important part of body language. The eyes can show fear, lack of confidence, or when you’re not telling the truth. People who want to hide what their eyes may reveal, for example, poker players and law enforcement officers, often use sunglasses for that purpose.

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

Reading body language  added this, “There are some who would wear the glasses because they may increase the internal feelings of the man or woman almost as if they were a superhero. In a sense, it is like dressing up and role playing while being a kid. Some men or women will have complete changes in their body language of more confidence by just using sunglasses so they become more than an accessory. This personification of this one article changes the whole persona of the person wearing them.”

My Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

Do sunglasses make you sexier? Do they add to your mystique, do they make you feel more confident? Yes, the bottom line is people are more confident when wearing sunglasses and confidence is … sexy. So go put on your rubberized, aviator, retro, polarized sunglasses and be the sexiest you – you can be.

Give Your Customers What They Want 

Who wouldn’t appreciate a pair of sunglasses? Your customers, employees, and vendors all wear sunglasses, so why not give them something they’ll use, appreciate, and that gives them confidence. Here are hundreds of Promotional Sunglasses to check out starting at 99 cents!

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