The Seven B’s of Why Your Business Needs Promotional Products

People occasionally ask us if they really need promotional products. Jack Woodlock, from TKO Marketing Solutions, says it best, “Every business uses promotional products they’re just not all aware of it and don’t always take advantage of all the advertising opportunities.” So what’s the answer to why your business needs promotional products? Here are […]

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Coolers Are Cool SWAG!

When you need a cooler, and don’t have one, there isn’t much that you can substitute to keep your food and beverages cold. Believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve used plastic bags filled with ice. The ice melts. I’ve tried to use a cardboard box – it fell apart. I even dug a hole, put ice […]

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A Short History of T-shirts

What is the short history of T-shirts? T-shirts have been a part of the American fabric (pun intended) since the turn of the 20th century. As early as 1913 the USC football team wore the cotton garment under pads to reduce chafing. The US Navy introduced them around the same period. “The idea of the […]

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3 Benefits of Sunglasses You Didn’t Know about, and why they make great promotional products

We think sunglasses make great giveaways. They have a SWAG all their own. There are rubberized, polarized, and UV inhibitor sunglasses that are available in aviator, retro, and Malibu styles. There are designer, mirrored, and even sunglasses with a bottle opener! But here are three special reasons that sunglasses make great promotional products.

Sunglasses Can […]

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