When most folks think of holiday marketing, they think of retail. B2C (Business to Consumer). Whether shopping online or in-store holiday specials, sales, and promotions abound. Shoppers expect them. That’s not always the case with B2B (Business to Business). Oh sure most business consumers expect a holiday card or a box of promotional cheese or nuts, but they don’t expect holiday marketing from their business partners. So, surprise them, do the unexpected.

10  Holiday Marketing Actions 

Upload a holiday video

Keep it simple. Make a video of the ugly sweater contest you hold. Capture employees caroling in the office. Or promote a charity via video. Here’s an example, Salvation Army Wish Tree Toy Drive. It doesn’t have to be expensive or professionally produced to be effective. Shoot it from your phone. Keep it real and keep it simple.

Make a company calendar

Feature employees or products or products and employees. Add company specific special dates like the anniversary of the founding of the business, milestones, and special offers or coupons.

Host a holiday open house

Invite all your customers and vendors or limit it to key customers. Offer food. Hire a band or DJ to play holiday music. Give away door prizes, and hand out branded SWAG.  How to Conduct an Open House Tour.

Hold a B2B Black Friday sale

Why does Black Friday have to be all about going to the mall, the big box store, or shopping online? A business can offer special pricing to another business just as easily. For it to be effective start marketing No later than the first of November. Post it on social media, send an email blast, and mail flyers to your customer base.

Promote gift cards

Why do gift cards have to be limited to consumer products? They don’t. Tie your gift card to your Black Friday Sale. Allow businesses to buy gift cards at the Black Friday price and use them when they have the need for your product.

Add products and services to purchases

Market a holiday sale not based on discounts but on more for the money. Throw in installation, add a free service contract, or match an “extra” product to the purchase.

Change your email signatures

Make all employees email signatures a holiday themed signature.

Send personalized cards and gifts

A card or promotional product is nice but how do you feel when you receive a hand written note?

Support a local charity over the holidays

But don’t just support the organization promote it. Involve your employees, customers, and vendors.

Don’t be afraid to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Joyous Kwanza

Although it might be the best policy to stick with happy holidays in a retail setting. That may not be the case for a B2B. If you know your customers you’ll know how to wish them happy holidays.

Have Fun! 

It’s the holidays so have some fun with your holiday promotions. Pick one or two of the ten actions listed above and go for it. If you’d like our help or advice Contact Us, we have a special just for you, I’m certain of it.

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos  Photo by Rodion Kutsaev