Don’t Forget Print in Your Marketing Campaign

In the 21st century, it’s easy to forget print in your marketing campaign. When the world revolves around electronic devices, smartphones, I pads, and laptops, who needs print? That’s a good question. My answer might surprise you. I believe you and every business should use print in your marketing campaign let me explain why.

“The bottom […]

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FAQ: How Much Does A Business Website Cost?

Okay, so you googled how much does a website cost, and now you’re more confused than you were before you looked. You saw businesses that offered pages with copy and graphics at ridiculously low prices. So low they were hard to believe. Believe this, buyer beware. As my father has always said, “Anything that someone […]

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10 Keys to Writing an Effective Email

Not long ago I asked several people to try an experiment. They were asked to send an email, which covered several topics, to a few friends. For example, in one email the sender listed four unrelated points of discussion. When the receivers of the mail replied, most only alluded to the first point, ignoring the […]

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3 Keys to Tri-fold Brochure Design

Tri-fold brochures fill a marketing collateral material void. They easily fit in envelopes, take up little space on displays, and are excellent for sharing information at trade shows and events. They also complement traditional advertising, and web and social media marketing. Don’t buy into the, “print is dead” myth. It’s not, and #10 brochures are […]

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How to Write Web Copy

Writing web copy isn’t like writing a white paper, academic article, or a ales catalog. In some ways, it’s similar to writing a blog…but different. Some of the writing strategies that make a good brochure work for web copy, but not all. Writing effective web copy may be more about knowing what NOT to write […]

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FAQ: What are the Keys to an Effective FAQ Page?

An effective FAQ page answers client questions, establishes your brand as an expert, and improves SEO. However, not all FAQ pages are created equal. Just having a FAQ page isn’t enough because a poorly constructed website FAQ page can hurt your brand.

Readability is Tops

The font should be easy to read, both in style and size. […]

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10 Thanksgiving Websites to be Thankful for

This list of 10 Thanksgiving websites reads like a who’s who of influencers in America over the last 40 years. The History Channel, National Geographic, Better Homes & Gardens, and the rest have impacted most Americans lives; whether directly or indirectly by influencing parents, teachers, and culture. The sources of these Thanksgiving websites alone should […]

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