I have a stack of lanyards hanging from a flower vase on my home office bookshelf. Some are keepsakes such as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final in 2010 (the Butler Bulldogs were one shot away). I have several Indianapolis Motor Speedway Lanyards. Some of my lanyards are from seminars and conventions, occasionally as a presenter more often as an attendee. I have trade show, concert, and media passes. I like lanyards.

10 Uses for Lanyards you may not have Considered

Weddings –Lanyards can be used to identify the wedding party—bride or groom (pink and blue?) as well as relationship to the betrothed, for example, father of the bride, best man, or bridesmaid. They’re a great way to introduce people, and they make a fun keepsake.

Law enforcement – Lanyards are friendlier and faster than badges, and they still get the job done.

Church – Have you ever tried to herd a bus full of youths on a trip? Lanyards don’t solve every problem, but they do make it a little easier. And not only youth, but adults can also profit from lanyards while volunteering.

Hospitals – Hospital staff use of lanyards to hold ID, keys, and pens is common, but wouldn’t patients benefit from lanyards as well?

Vacation – Lanyards are a great way to carry your essentials while roaming your vacation wonderland. Yes, they may attract unwelcome vendors. But they can also introduce you to wonderful folks you may never have met. Why not print a lanyard with your name, city, vocation, and passion.

Cyclists – What better way to keep track of keys or hold a water bottle? Lanyards aren’t only great for cyclists, but also joggers, skiers, and many other athletes.

Home service technicians – Wouldn’t it be comforting as a homeowner to be met at the door by a uniformed home tech wearing a highly visible company branded lanyard? Yes, it would.

Home – It may sound silly to suggest a lanyard at home, but lanyards are for more than ID. Lanyards can be used in the home to help organize keys, tools, papers, and more.

Children – An ID lanyard can be easily and cheaply made for your children. Contact information can quickly identify a child who has become separated at an event. If you want to have fun with it, place a small treat in the lanyard before each use.

Lanyards are More than ID  

Lanyards are usually thought of as identification tools, but they have many other uses. They can be used as organizers holding keys, pens, and papers. My NCAA final Four Lanyard had become a cherished keepsake. And lanyards can be used for safety and security at home, school, and church.

What’s the most unusual way you’ve seen a lanyard used? Leave us a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

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Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos Photo by Hello I’m Nik