Do You Collect Badge Holders?

So, do you collect badge holders? The reason I ask is that my wife and I collect them. I have more than 25 hanging from a vase that sits on the bookcase in my office at home. I have lanyards from conventions where I’ve presented and others where I was in attendance when my wife […]

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Warm Up to Your Customers with Promotional Blankets

I’m going to make a … wait for it … “blanket” statement. Blankets make great promotional products for almost any business. I can’t think of a business that wouldn’t benefit from adding promotional blankets to their lineup of advertising specialty  giveaways. Here are four reasons blankets rock as SWAG.

They’re Useful

Promotional blankets are useful. Especially when […]

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2018 Event, Observance, and Holiday Checklist

It’s good to be ahead of the game, especially when it comes to promotional products. It’s easy to look at the calendar, realize its December 10th and that you haven’t ordered corporate Christmas cards. Been there done that. Holidays, observances, and events can sneak up on you and before you know it it’s too late […]

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10 More Uses for Lanyards 

I have a stack of lanyards hanging from a flower vase on my home office bookshelf. Some are keepsakes such as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final in 2010 (the Butler Bulldogs were one shot away). I have several Indianapolis Motor Speedway Lanyards. Some of my lanyards are from seminars and conventions, occasionally as a presenter […]

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