The key to a successful specialty product campaign is having a well thought out plan. Anyone can order 500 branded pens—that sit in a closet for two years. Putting thought and effort into a promotional product plan can save a lot of head scratching and underutilized advertising funds.

It starts with knowing you objective

Know what you want to accomplish. Do you want prospects to sign up for your email newsletter, drive clients to your website, or introduce a new product? Do you want to thank loyal customers or reward valuable employees? Before you do anything know your objective.

Have a plan. 500 pens sitting in a closet being occasionally passed out at networking events may not be the best use of adverting dollars. Where and how will the items be distributed?

  • Trade shows and conventions
  • Direct Mail
  • Attached to product orders
  • Outings, events, and open houses

Know your audience. It’s easy to get caught up in ordering what’s new and popular or what you like, but is it what your audience will find useful? Will your prospect or customer appreciate your SWAG?

Design it to POP! Poorly executed design or bad print processing can ruin even the best promotional product marketing plan. A specialty product should match your brand—colors, fonts, and logos. The call to action should match the objective. For example, if you want to bring prospects to your website then your URL should take design priority.

Know What You Want

Taking the time to know your true objective, understand how the product will be distributed, what your target audience will like, and then designing a product to fit those needs is an effective use of advertising dollars. Anything less is money ill-spent.  If you’d like some help with your promotional product plan contact us, we’ll do our best to meet your objectives.