Most Successful organizations, whether they’re B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer) or NFP (Not for Profit) have one thing in common—they have an effective website. In today’s world, not having a website that attracts clients, answers questions, and promotes your business is a disaster waiting to happen.

What Makes a Website Attractive?

  1. Explain who you are, what you do, and how to be contacted. If these questions aren’t answered on your landing page, you’ll lose prospects.
  2. The site must be fast, friendly, and fun. People are impatient; if your site is slow they will go. It should load quickly and be pleasant to look at with coordinated typography and layout.
  3. Provide easy access to Information. Answer questions with FAQ’s, blogs posts, EBooks, portfolios, testimonials, case studies, and search boxes.
  4. Solve problems—don’t hard sell. Show how your product or service helps your clients as your selling point, not some 1960’s Madmen-like, one-day special discount, blinking banner ad.
  5. Be helpful and useful. Find a way to serve your visitors. For example, if you sell paint, provide an app where prospects may download photos of their home and add your paint colors. One of our clients, a food truck, Big Ron’s Bistro offers online ordering, which is a big hit in inclement weather. Share how you help your customers.
  6. Don’t overdo it. The human brain can only take in so much at one time. Don’t overload the landing page and don’t create too many pages. You don’t need a page for every question a consumer may ask.
  7. Make it easy to navigate. If you make folks work too hard to find what they’re looking for, eventually they’ll stop looking.


The best advice a web design team may offer is to keep it simple. Make it easy to use. Answer questions before they’re asked. Promote the problems your product or service solves, and have fun. A well designed, pleasing to look at, and easy to use website is a tremendous sales and marketing tool. On the other hand, a site that fails at this may leave your business holding the short end of the stick. What’s the best thing about your website?