There’s more to creating a corporate newsletter than meets the eye. Templates, browsers, and providers are all critical to a successful newsletter. In this post, we’re going to concentrate on content creation. However, content is influenced by other considerations.

Who will receive the newsletter?

The choice of topics will be affected by its intended audience. Is it an internal newsletter sent to employees or external to customers and prospects? Will it be sent to vendors and other interested parties? Will the newsletter be shared with all of the above or will there be separate letters for each group? Would it be possible and productive to segment customers by product and service and offer newsletters geared to their specific needs? These questions need answered before content can be created.

What’s the purpose of the newsletter?

Will an internal newsletter be used to share company initiatives and solidify the culture? Will existing customers be introduced to new products and services? Is the purpose of the publication lead generation? Can the publication be used to improve or streamline customer service?

Where to find content

  • Your Blog – At TKO Graphix, we publish a monthly newsletter. Most of the content is repurposed from our blog. We edit the content to fit the format, most often shortening the post and changing the voice from conversational to something closer to AP style.
  • Current company events – What’s new in your business? New products, employee promotions, and charitable initiatives, all make good newsletter content.
  • FAQ’s – What questions are your customers asking? Ask your sales, CSR, installation, and service people this question and you’ll be rewarded with content ideas that your target audience is searching for.
  • Emails – Questions from customers as well as testimonials (with permission from the client) make for engaging content. Internal emails from management, HR, or wellness committees about your culture, activities, or events are a good source.
  • Presentations – Sales, training, and other presentations are often used once and never seen again. Why not streamline the power point presentation and use it in the newsletter?
  • Case studies and white papers – It’s easy to overlook these; however they can be easily repurposed for newsletters. Case studies can be edited to what, and how. An entire white paper would be too much for a newsletter, but why not one page or paragraph?
  • Video and images – If you’re creating video, it should be part of any electronic newsletter. Images of your products, facilities, and work (with releases from customers) may be shared via email or in printed copies.

Creating a 4-page Newsletter in 3 hours or less

Sound impossible or, at least, improbable? It’s not. It’s what we do. It didn’t happen overnight. We developed templates and content formulas, and now it’s like clockwork. It can be done. If you don’t want to do it yourself, or you have any questions contact us. However, we may use your question for an article in our newsletter.