Can a copywriter improve SEO? Good question, considering nobody knows all of the factors that Google, Bing, and other search engines use to rank content. However, there are many agreed upon and accepted actions that can improve a website’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking. How important is this? Let me ask you a question, when you do an organic search how many search pages to you peruse—one, maybe two?

Copywriters don’t control web development. A copywriter, unless they’re a developer as well, doesn’t impact load speed via HTML, fix sloppy code, or add LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) software.  (Are you familiar with LSI? It helps searches identify language usage, for example, whether an apple is a fruit or a computer.)

Last year I published 5 Simple Steps to Better SEO.  I want to expand those thoughts by asking, can copywriters impact SEO, and if so, what can they control? The answer is copywriters control their words, how they use them, as well as where they place their words and that impacts SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Here are nine actions that can be easily accomplished by copywriters, or editors.

9 Ways to Improve SEO

Put the Keyword in the Title

Sometimes it’s tempting to write a cute, catchy title that omits the keyword. There may even be times when a compelling phrase outranks the keyword in the title, but not often. The best title, is an eye-catching one that includes the keyword. Also, the sooner the keyword appears in the title the better.

Be sure the URL includes the Keyword

Same as the title, the keyword needs to be in the permalink and the sooner the better.

Place the Keyword in the first paragraph – ditto above.

Use Good Grammar and Correct Spelling   

Regardless of text talk and the proliferating number of businesses that use X instead of S in their name (like TKO Graphix), grammar and spelling still count, and they matter to search engines as well, How important is Proper Grammar?

Publish Useful Content

If you want to improve your rankings, give the people what they want—useful content. Solve problems, answer questions, entertain, share a story, make people laugh, and you will attract readers, which might be the best method for improving SEO. Content isn’t King Usefulness is

Optimize Images

Use images on every post, but choose images that fit the content, add to the story, and look professional. Include alt tags and descriptions on images. Where to Find Post Imagers that aren’t Boring.

Use Multi Media

Not only images but, video (proven to increase dwell time, a ranking factor) infographics, audio, GIF’s, and more.

Create a User-Friendly Layout

Include lists and bullet points. Keep paragraphs under 300 words and limit the number of 20-word sentences. Make your content easy to read by avoiding passive sentences. Use subheads and include keywords in subheads. How to Create a Compelling Blog Layout.

Include Links

Add outbound and inbound links, but only if they fit the content. For example, a blog post on SEO shouldn’t include a backlink to an Italian recipe cookbook even if the author is your wife. 10 Ways to Get More Backlinks

What can you do to Improve SEO?

There you have it, nine easy ways for a copywriter to improve SEO. You’re most likely already doing many of the nine. However, is there one or two you could do more with? Is there room for improvement? I know I can step up my SEO game—how about you?

If you’ve mastered these nine ways to improve SEO here are 200 additional ideas, Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete list.

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