Proponents of promotional products consider them a form of advertising, but are they? Are advertising specialty products really advertising, or are they just giveaways that don’t do all that much? Traditional advertising is the act of paying to promote a product or service. Are there enough facts to support promotional products as successful promotional advertising?

When someone mentions advertising what do you imagine? Is it television, online, or print? What do the agencies that manage traditional forms of advertising think? Do advertising agencies use promotional products?

Ad agency insights a 2013 study by Relevant Insights

  • Seven in 10 ad agencies and advertisers consider promotional products effective or highly effective
  • Nine in 10 agencies and advertisers have purchased promotional products
  • 88 % of agencies and advertisers would recommend using promotional products
  • 73 % believe they have contributed to the campaigns’ success
  • 56 % think the use of promotional products has resulted in increased goodwill
  • 44 % believe it helps with brand recall
  • Eight in 10 agencies and advertisers have bought promotional products from promotional consultants In the past 12 months — PPAI Research White Paper

If advertising agencies use promotional products, shouldn’t you? 

Today, more than ever, a marketing or advertising campaign shouldn’t be limited to one media. TV, online, or print alone will only reach part of an audience. Depending on the campaign, target audience, and the product, a coordinated advertising effort using various types of advertising will reach a larger segment of the audience. Should the advertising campaign include promotional products? Maybe, probably more often than not. If you’d like to learn more about the advertising opportunities of promotional products or what we like to call seductive SWAG, Let us know we’d be happy to advertise our promotional wares.

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos Photo by Daniele Riggi