Think about it. Remember the last thank you card you received? What did you think? How did you feel? Did it make you happy? Did you appreciate the sender? Will you remember him or her because of it? Are you more likely to call on them if needed? I thought so, all because of a simple card. So, why aren’t you sending cards? Is it you have no one to thank, don’t have the time, or are you…lazy? Why don’t you send cards?

Start with this Four-S Plan

  • Be Selective – Don’t send cards out like there’s no tomorrow. Add a bit of surprise to it. Don’t send cards for every occasion. Consider what’s important to you. Is it new clients, contracts, volunteers, or help you received? Send thank you cards as an exclamation point.
  • Make it Special – Personalize it. Use their name and when appropriate their first name. Handwrite it and sign it. It doesn’t have to be long—just a few short words about why you’re thankful is enough.
  • Be Specific – Thank them for specific activities and what it meant to you. Don’t thank them for being a great customer—thanks them for trusting you on a new project, sending you a referral, or helping you.
  • Don’t be Salesy – Don’t try to sell in a thank you card. No add-on product suggestions, customer service surveys, or even a business card. Just a thank you note—honest and from the heart.

Don’t let these Three S’s Stop You

  • Sending too many – You’ll soon tire and burn out.
  • Saying too much- Don’t try to write a novel.
  • Scheduling – You have to make time. Put it on you to-do list. Send yourself reminders.

Where do You Find Cards?

If you’re into name brands you can go to the card store—maybe it does say something. You can hire a company like TKO Marketing Solutions we’d be happy to help you develop a corporate thank you card. But the truth is. The card isn’t as important as the sentiment. The packaging isn’t as important as the content. I use our corporate thank you cards, and I buy others at the dollar store. Either way people appreciate a thank you card. It makes them smile. Now go put a smile on someone’s face. You aren’t too lazy are you?