There are several types of construction companies, including home remodelers, general contractors, renovators, and owner builders. However, they all have a couple of things in common. Employees, subcontractors, and partners from the building trades as well as customers all get excited about their new construction.

Advertising Specialties for Builders

Tools can be branded to giveaway to customers, employees, and sub-contractors. They may include a home tool kit, garden tools, or professional gear, and the best part is there’s plenty of room for your name and logo. Tape measures, hammers, and levels are only three of the thousands of tools you can put your name on. What tools would your end user appreciate and what tools would your employee’s and subs use? How about a tool belt, utility stool, or thermos?

Safety – Safety glasses, shatter proof sunglasses, and mesh orange safety vests all come in handy on the job. Do you build homes? What safety items would the new homeowner enjoy? Can promotional products help promote safety?

Apparel – Everyone wants and needs construction pants, shirts, and jackets. Ball caps, hats, and stocking caps are easy to brand and worn a lot for all to see. Gloves come in hundreds of styles and for as many different uses. How about branded hard hats?

Just for fun– There are foam mallets, stress hammers, and stress rocks, bricks, and blocks. How about a fold up ruler or a fold up cooler bag for the job site? Would flower seed packets be the ideal gift for a new homeowner?

What’s Best for Your Business?

There are thousands of promotional products suited to construction companies from calendars and emergency checklists to useful tools and more. Are you in construction? What promotional products have you given ways? What worked best for you? If you’d like to talk, let us know, we’ll help you “build” the best advertising specialty products for your construction company.

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos Photo by Rawpixel