The idea for this post was pretty easy for me to come up with. As I sit in my home office the outdoor temperature is minus 5, snow is falling, and 30 MPH winds are stirring up what’s on the ground. I have a hot cup of coffee in my hand and a blanket wrapped around my shoulders. It’s not a branded blanket; it’s one we picked up in Mexico a few years ago. Why do they need blankets in Cancun? I digress, branded blankets make great swag.

Here are a few ideas

Stadium blankets – Did anyone else watch the playoff game in Minneapolis this year? Do you think a stadium blanket might have come in handy? There are fleece and flannel, insulated and waterproof, light weight or heavy duty to fit your customer’s needs. All with your logo printed front and center. Who knows maybe the TV cameras will see your product.

Picnic Blankets – Picnic blankets come in a handy roll-up carrying cases or as part of a five piece outdoor fun set. They’re available in all sizes shapes, styles and colors. The only thing your customer will need to provide is the food.

Travel and emergency blankets – Travel and emergency blankets are not only convenient they can be a life saver. Looking outside today it wouldn’t take a heck of a lot more snow to become a travel advisory situation. If you’ve ever been caught in a storm in a vehicle, or faced a night without a furnace, you know how much a warm blanket can mean.

There are more, for example, sweatshirt and poncho blankets—I want one of each! Blankets from Port Authority, mini mink sets, and throws in all fabrics and sizes.

Branded blankets warm up customers

Branded promotional blankets have plenty of room for logos, company names, contact information, and can be produced in branded colors. I don’t know about you, but I keep blankets for a long time. The Mexican blanket, draped across my shoulders is more than twenty years old. Just think, if it had been a branded blanket I’d be saying thank you for twenty years. If you’d like to see what’s available, Check These Blankets Out. We’ll keep them warm for you.