Blue Tooth Promotional Products Won’t Make Your Customers Blue

I asked a friend, who has been in the Promotional Product Industry for more than 30 years, how many advertising specialty products there were. He said at least 500,000, but the reality is its closer to … infinite. And even if a product has never been used to advertise there’s always a first time. Blue Tooth wireless products aren’t new. However, their widespread use and acceptance is fairly new. Heck, my mom has Blue Tooth speakers. Here are a few Blue Tooth products that would make great advertising specialty gifts.

8 Blue Tooth Promotional Products 


There are music receivers, waterproof speakers that float, and apps to connect up to 50 speakers. Let the party begin.


There are hundreds of headsets at all levels of quality, from earbuds to full-size noise canceling headphones.

Mouse (mice, mouse’s?)

I’m using a wireless mouse as I write this piece. I never leave home without it. It’s always in the bag with my laptop. Our IT manager has a mouse that controls several devices. Pretty cool, isn’t it?


Okay, I want one. It’s a wireless amplifier used as a portable PA system or guitar amp. That’s ba ba ba bad to the bone.

Security Cameras

Program these cameras to your phone or device and watch your home or business from down the street or ½ way around the world.


Not only candles but flameless, scented, LED candles that let you pick the color of the flame.

Smart Toothbrushes

Oral-B has a brush that will connect with your phone and let you know how you’re doing. Brushing too hard or missed a tooth? It will inform you, and it delivers a report to your dentist before your next visit.

Smart Watch Phones

There are alternatives to expensive wrist phones. Check them out on Amazon.

Give Your Customers Something They Can Sink Their Teeth Into

I mean their tooth into. Blue Tooth wireless applications are not only here to stay but are growing in popularity. Most Blue Tooth products are state-of-the-art, fun, useful, and people like them. Can you think of any better qualifications for a promotional product? Contact Us if you’re seeing blue in your future.

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