How many pairs of gloves do you own? I wasn’t sure, so I started doing an inventory. I have umpteen sets of gardening gloves, some of which were purchased in six-packs, but I also have a pair of branded gloves from a local greenhouse. It was the first pair I thought of.

I have three sets of ski gloves even though I haven’t skied in at least five years. They’re my favorite for cold weather hiking, driving, or snow person making.

My wife has several racing gloves, but she’s the serious driver in the household. She competes in a 1960’s classic car.

Add These to My Christmas List

One type of gloves I don’t have but would like are touchscreen gloves. Especially since I occasionally head out to my tent to write, sometimes when it’s nippy out.

As I researched gloves for this post, I found several others I’d like to have and some I have little use for. For example, I don’t golf and would see no good use for golf gloves, but a golfer might love them.

I found sport-tek spectator gloves and hand warmers. Wouldn’t both be great at the next football game?

There are insulated, fleece, and leather gloves, as well as tons of mittens. There are work gloves that protect your hands from knife blades, chemicals, and more. And there are packages such a knit cap and scarf paired with touch screen gloves.

People Need, Use, and Keep Gloves

Here’s the thing. I talk a lot about the best promotional products share three qualities. First, they’re useful. Secondly, they’re kept, and finally, they’re quality, so they work and last. A good pair of gloves accomplishes all three. When advertising specialty products are used and kept, your name keeps generating impressions, and that’s impressive.

A Cold North Wind

Unless your client’s live and work in Antarctica branded gloves might not be a year-round product. However, when gloves are needed, you can’t beat a pair with your company’s name, contact info, and logo printed on them. Here are a few sample ideas for promotional branded gloves, Apparel Outerwear Gloves.

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