It’s October, and there’s a nip in the air. Depending on where you live you may have had your first frost or first snow, and if you live in sub-tropical Florida you know 40 degrees can be pretty darn cold. It’s time to get the heavy jackets out of the back room and put them where they belong, in the front hallway coat closet. It’s time for businesses to offer branded jackets to warm their customers.

Warm Your Customer and it May Heat up Your Business 

How many branded jackets do you own? I checked my closet. I have two branded jackets, one fleece lined with a hood, as well as a winter coat. I’ve owned and worn one of the branded jackets for more than five years. That’s five years I’ve remembered the organization behind the branded jacket and five years I’ve appreciated the jacket and the company. It’s five years I’ve advertised for the business by wearing the jacket to events or out shopping. I think the jacket has been a good investment for the organization.

There’s a lot of Branded Jackets to Choose From

Before you jump at the first jacket you see, before you put your logo and name on any coat, before you add your tagline to a blazer ask yourself what’s the best fit for your client?

  • Does Your Customer Live in a Warmer Climate? If so, items such as rain jackets, windbreakers, or lightweight all-weather items may fit your client’s needs. Micro-fiber, knit, poly-knit, and light fleece are a good bet for warmer climates.
  • How cold is it? For the 20 inches of snow by the end of October areas such as Colorado or Buffalo, NY heavier wear would be appropriate. Mountain, insulated, thermal, and waterproof fleece lined coats will keep your customer warm and share your message.
  • If your weather is like ours here in Indiana because it changes every 15 minutes you have several options. Fleece pullovers, full zip, stretch, fulcrum, and many other jackets fit ever changing weather patterns while sharing your brand image.
  • For the athlete and game day, there are wicking, slickers, and game day hooded coats. In addition to varsity jackets, slickers, and running pullovers.

Name Brand Branded Jackets

Coats, jackets, and blazers are available from many fashion houses including, Eddie Bauer, Port Authority, and Columbia.

If you want to warm your customers for years to come, advertise at the big game, and show your appreciation to customers or employees, then choose a jacket just for them. Would you like a few ideas? Jackets and more.

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos Photo by Ethan Kent