To begin with, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. I strongly believe you should give away SWAG, but that you should also consider making it available for purchase. Does it sound as if I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth? Selling branded merchandise and giving it away aren’t mutually exclusive. You can, and many of you should, do both. Here are five reasons you should sell your branded merchandise.

Reach Your Target Market

Whenever I discuss branded merchandise most people think of clothing. Branded apparel appeals to a broad spectrum of prospective customers, and it makes for great branding as well as advertising merchandise. However, you can brand products besides clothing. To reach a targeted audience, offer promotional items that solve their problems.

For example, any business working with homeowners from HVAC to remodelers could brand and offer items such as a fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, gardening tools, outdoor thermometers and more.

Businesses that work on vehicles could sell safety kits, floor mats, waxes, and a never-ending list of car care products.

These are only a few ideas. Ask yourself what would fit the needs of your ideal customer.

Make it a Profit Center

You might be able to undercut the competition on products and still make a profit. If your business already gives away promotional products then selling your branded merchandise is a chance to defray some of the cost. When you consider the advertising you receive from branded merchandise even if you don’t make a profit, after giving away product to loyal customers and employees, you still come out ahead.

Create a Buzz

I’m not saying your branded merchandise will go viral, but it can start a buzz. For example, here at TKO we’ve had branded ball caps and koozies that we couldn’t keep enough of. You never know for certain what will fly off your online shelves.

Make it Easy for Employees to Purchase Branded Merchandise

We have a TKO Graphix Company Store where employees can order the apparel they want. And not only is it for sale but we often show employee appreciation by giving away items in our company store as prizes or rewards for outstanding performance, tenure, or recognition.

Build Your Brand

Is there a more fun way to build your businesses brand than through branded merchandise? If there is, I don’t know it. Not long ago I was at a sporting event and saw TKO shirts and caps in the crowd. I couldn’t stop pointing them out!

Build it, and They Will Come

If you already have branded merchandise, if your employees wear and purchase uniforms, if your target audience is looking for your branded SWAG, then why not offer it for sale? That’s a good question, isn’t it? If you’d like to learn more about building a company store for your branded merchandise Contact Us, we’ve built dozens of stores and can help you maintain it.