Doesn’t it seem like every few hours some new national day floats across your screen? National speak like a pirate day, drink margaritas day, and baked Alaska day just to name a few. The truth is there are hundreds upon hundreds of national days. Some dates have double digit celebrations. Check it out, National Day Calendar. If you look through the calendar, you’ll find dozens of national days that would make the perfect time to send your clients a promotional product. Is your company logo predominately red? Why not send your customers a branded red T-shirt on National Wear Red Day, February 3rd.  Here are a few more ideas, but take the time to open the National Day calendar and look around.

Here are a Few Fun National Days 

National Umbrella Day February, 10th

Tell me who wouldn’t appreciate a new Umbrella?

National Almond Day February 16th

Yummy! Do Chocolate covered almonds count?

National Employee Appreciation Day March 3rd

What employee doesn’t appreciate a little recognition? Awards and recognition.

National Plant a Flower Day March 12th

Everyone likes flowers, and if flowers are your business, this is a no-brainer. Here are a few Flower advertising specialty products.

National Certified Nurses Day March 19th

Are you involved in health care? How about giving away a nice branded hand sanitizer?

National Mom and Pop Business Day March 29th

If your company works with small businesses, this would be a perfect time to reach out with a promotional gift like a desk accessory to show your appreciation.

National Pet Day April 11th

What a great day to recognize customers especially if you’re in the pet supply trade. Are you a Dog or Cat person?

National Get to know Your Customer Day April 20th

I’m not making this up. So here’s the deal. If you have customers this day is the perfect day for you! You could even go all out with an executive gift for the top people at your best customers.

Pick a Day

Choose a day or pick two, but if you peruse the National Day Calendar, you’re certain to find several national days that fit your product and culture.

Photo Credit: Unsplash @Rawpixel