Your team is preparing for the approaching trade show season. Your displays are in order—clean and primed—ready to go. You’ve ordered collateral materials—brochures, flyers, and business cards. Carpet, banners, drop box—check. It’s time to decide on promotion items to offer customers and prospects. According to the Incomm Center for Trade Show Research and Sales Training – See more at: Trade Show Advisor, “…event attendees are 52% more likely to stop by your exhibit if you have appealing promotional items to give them.” But, what items will appeal to your clientele?

Does the Promotional Item Fit?

The first step in deciding on specialty products to represent your organization is to understand your company culture, product, prospect, and the show. The best trade show promotional products fit all four. For example, let’s say you’re an HVAC provider. You could give away pens like every other booth in the show…and a LED flashlight with a magnet to attach to a heating or cooling unit. Here’s another example, If your culture embraces 24/7 emergency service why not a safety kit or a clock? Is your targeted customer a mechanic? Offer a lighted screw-driver. Ask the following:

  • How will the give-away represent our culture?
  • Does it complement our product or service?
  • Will our targeted audience find the item useful?
  • Does the product fit the show?

Does it Work for You?

The reason for trade show promotional products is to attract prospects to your booth, engage them, introduce them to your brand, and leave them with a call to action including clear contact information. To achieve this, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • Budget –Is the product cost effective when considering expense vs potential return?
  • Brand – Does the item represent your image?
  • Information – Will your logo, CTA, and contact information clearly fit on the product?
  • Uniqueness – Does the product stand out or is it one of hundreds?
  • Multiple – Should you offer more than one product, for example, a general product and a higher grade item targeted to exclusive customers and prospects?

How Should you Distribute the Products?

If your purpose is lead generation your best strategy is to engage prospects—the least effective approach is to pile the specialty products on your table for anyone to grab. This doesn’t promote engagement or conversation. Hand the products out to folks, say hello, ask them about the show, who they represent, and how you might serve them.

  • Hand out products don’t pile them on a table.
  • Offer prizes, drawings, and contests requiring a sign up.
  • Promote a game such as a spinning wheel.

Before choosing trade show promotional products for your booth take the time to understand what your prospect may find useful or intriguing, what represents your culture, and how an item fits the show. If you do, you’ll have a successful draw to your booth. If you’d like more ideas for your trade show products contact us we’ll help you place first in show.