When you need a cooler, and don’t have one, there isn’t much that you can substitute to keep your food and beverages cold. Believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve used plastic bags filled with ice. The ice melts. I’ve tried to use a cardboard box – it fell apart. I even dug a hole, put ice in it, and filled it with adult beverages. It wasn’t long before I had a mud puddle. Yep, nothing replaces a cooler when you need it. And when your customer needs a cooler, there isn’t any better branded SWAG than coolers with your logo on it.

When Coolers Come in Handy

Sporting Events

Whether it’s the big race or tailgating at a football game, you need something to cool your refreshments. From personal experience, I can tell you the way to bring a cooler into a race track is with wheels. I recommend the Coleman 16-quart wheeled cooler, but you better check the dimensions allowed at the track before wheeling it in.

If you’re driving to the tailgate why not go all out with a 25, 45, or 65-quart Otterbox cooler. Yes, the same folks who make phone cases make coolers!

Brown Bagging it

I use a TKO Marketing Solutions branded, insulated lunch bag every workday. It’s manufactured by California Innovations, has two zippered compartments (top and bottom), and it even has a slot for my business card. It’s the best lunch bag I’ve ever had, and I’ve used it for more than two years! You can order budget coolers, flip-flops, and insulated bags. All have plenty of room for your name and logo, without costing you an arm and a leg.

Party Time

If you’re planning a poolside get-together, try a floating cooler. Is there a cookout planned for your backyard? If so, a celebration bucket would be perfect for your cold beverages. A red bottomed, white lidded 16-quart Coleman cooler is never out of place whether it’s on the pontoon boat, in the backyard, or at the ball game.

Coolers are Cool

12 pack coolers, dual compartment, zipper top access, and golf coolers are all available as advertising specialty products. They all have plenty of branding space, and more importantly, customers love them. So, if you want your clients to know how cool you are, give them a branded promotional cooler or two! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. We like sharing our knowledge – we’re “cool” like that. If you’d like to browse, here are a few coolers to check out, Coolers and More Coolers