I was talking with a customer in our lobby the other day. We had met several years ago. He owned a construction company, an industry in which I had 30 years of expertise. He occasionally sought my advice. We talked about marketing, and he shared that direct mail was his best lead generation tool with a 10% return. I was surprised. The expected return on direct mail pieces is between ½ and 2%. He was doing something right. Part of what he did right was target neighborhoods that needed his service and…he used an effective mailer.

9 steps a Great Postcard

  1. Clear headline – A simple straightforward easy to read headline is the place to start. The headline should be about your product or a problem you solve.
  2. Simple graphics – The graphics need to enhance the headline not detract from it by being too busy or chaotic.
  3. Contrasting colors – Blue fonts on a black background will get thrown away somewhere between the mailbox and the garage.
  4. Unifying subhead – The subhead on the back of the card should support the headline. For example, Headline—“Are You Tired of Cleaning Leaves out of Your Gutters?” Subhead, “Our Gutter Guards—Work Overtime for You.”
  5. Create credibility – Share objective statements and facts. Number of years in business, number of customers, certifications, or customer testimonials.
  6. Share the benefits – State what it does for them. For example:

“Our Gutter guards…”

  • Keep you off the ladder
  • Protect your gutters
  • Save you time
  • Eliminate rotting leaf odor
  1. Show company logo and name – Use the same branded typography used in other marketing pieces and advertising.
  2. Give a call to action – Give the prospect a reason to follow up such as, “20% discount if you call this number in the next 48 hours.”
  3. List contact info. Be sure to include phone, website, social media icons and street address.

Without Good Design it’s Junk Mail  

The design of any direct mail piece isn’t the only key to success. Marketing to a target audience, sharing the piece at the best time, and productive follow up are all important for a successful campaign. However, a poorly designed post card can ruin even the best plans. It won’t matter if the piece is delivered to the right person at the right time if it doesn’t catch their eye. If you’d like to learn more contact us, we’ll send you a card.