So, do you collect badge holders? The reason I ask is that my wife and I collect them. I have more than 25 hanging from a vase that sits on the bookcase in my office at home. I have lanyards from conventions where I’ve presented and others where I was in attendance when my wife was presenting.

Sporting Events

I have clear plastic neck wallets from sporting events such as the 2010 NCAA final four in Indianapolis; Butler had a chance to win when Gordan Howard barely missed consecutive three-pointers.

Trade Shows

There are trade show badge holders wrapped around my badge holding vase as well as carabiners; those are the spring-loaded loops used to hold badges, and other pieces of identification.

I have a zippered wallet, a teardrop shaded badge holder, and a zippered pouch.

Passport Pouches and Phone Identification Holders

Besides the many badge holders on my vase, I also have a cell phone ID holder, and a passport pouch (with my passport safely stored in it).

My wife has nearly as many as I do. Hers are draped over a knob at the top of a bookshelf. We share many from the same events, but not all are the same.

Thanks for the Memories

Our stash of badge holders has one thing in common. Both of our collections of lanyards and holders are full of memories. Whether it was a missed three-pointer (we both have that ticket holder, with the ticket enclosed), or the convention where my wife spoke and brought most of the audience to tears, including me.

Sponsors and Brands

And there’s one more thing our badges, holders, and lanyards have in common – they’re all branded. WordCamp, the NCAA, and others take prime spots in our holder displays.

There are local businesses who sponsored events represented in both of our assemblages. There are major events like the Indy 500, as well as food drives, and 5 K’s.

All share these two things, they are pleasant reminders of the event, and they speak well of the sponsors branded on the holders.

If you’d like to view a few badges check it out — Badge Holders.

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Photo by Zorraquino on / CC BY-NC-ND