Most organizations whether business-to-business, business-to-consumer, or not for profit, use forms. Service logs, sales receipts, and accounting forms are all an opportunity to unify and establish a company’s brand. Although downloaded generic forms may fill the need, a form has the capability to be more than a functional piece of paper, it can add to the professionalism of the organization. A branded form stands out, shares a business culture, and says “we are exceptional!”

How to Create an Effective Business Form

  • Understand its purpose. Is it to gather information, complete a survey or document an interaction? Will it be used by sales, service, administration or all of the above? Does it act as a customer’s receipt? Is it used as an internal purchase order, or for routing or shipping?
  • Unify the brand. Share the company logo, colors, and fonts. Your forms should look like you—not like something from Forms R Us.
  • Know the best size. Is standard 8.5 x 11 best to complete all the information? Should it be postcard size for easy mailing? Would legal fit the format best?
  • How many duplicates will be needed? Should the customer, accounting, and administration, all receive copies?
  • Will it be numbered and tracked? Will sequential numbers be used to follow and track the document?
  • How will it be bound? Will it be placed in a three-ring binder, edge glued or?
  • How many fields will be required? Is it a verification, order, or service form that will need multiple fields?

And one more thing

Less is more. The longer the form the less effective it may be. Customers quickly lose interest in redundant forms that seek too much information. Don’t make your customers work hard to complete your forms. Don’t ask for long hand-written answers; give them a choice of boxes. Waiting for forms to be completed and then processing them afterwards may not be the most productive use of time.

Forms are an Advertising Opportunity

Business forms are an opportunity to share a professional image. It’s a chance to solidify your brand and it’s a way to extend your brand’s reach. A well-designed business form says a lot about your organization to every prospect, client, and customer it reaches. If you’d like to learn more about the best practices for business forms contact us, we’ll send you our form.