I perform on weekends. In 2008, my friend Dave, who’d I’d performed with on and off for more than 30 years, asked me to sit in with his new band. I drove to their performance in Spencer, Indiana and after the first set I joined them onstage for a few numbers. I’m a vocalist. They needed help.

The Name was a Legacy

At the time, the band was known in that part of the state. The drummer’s father had founded the band in the mid-seventies. The son was the only tie to the original line up. The band was named Southern Star. They primarily played southern rock and up-tempo country neither of which were my specialty. I was asked to join the band. Dave and I began adding songs that fit our taste and style. We both enjoyed classic guitar oriented rock, blues, and funk. We didn’t play much southern rock or country.

The Name no Longer Fit the Product

As the group evolved, the name no longer fit our product. Not every member of the band agreed with me. They defended the name by stating Southern Star had a history. To make a point I began changing the name of our band at the end of every set announcing to the audience that we were, “Minnows in a Ditch”, “The Snails”, “Banana Split”, and more. I made my point. It was time to brand the name to the product.

Make a Name for Yourself

Dave suggested “Under the Radar” as our new name. That was 2009, it continues to be the band’s name six years later. It fits what we do. So here’s my question? Does your name fit what you do? Has your business model changed? Do you offer products and services that aren’t encompassed by your company’s name? Is it time to rethink your image? Are you an Under the Radar parading as a Southern Star? If your products and services are vastly different from your initial offerings, it may be time for a change. If you’d like to explore what it means to rebrand contact us. We’re easy to find we’re not under the radar.