Don’t be late to the tailgate party and don’t be late to order tailgate promotional products for the upcoming season. It might be the middle of summer but the fall football season will be here sooner than you think, which means it’s time to order tailgate SWAG for your corporate tailgating parties.

Not only can a tailgating event be enhanced by specialty products, but it’s also an effective form of advertising. People like SWAG. People are fans of their team. People love SWAG that’s connected to their team, and they’ll remember you for sharing it. So, what makes for good tailgate SWAG?


Team hats, caps, shirts, and jerseys are all appreciated, but functional items can be a big hit as well. For example, rain ponchos, I’ve been to more than one game, where a rain poncho was worth its weight in gold. As the season progresses, warm wear will be more and more appreciated.  You might be thinking, our stadium is enclosed and temperature controlled, but the parking lot isn’t, and that’s where the party is. (Blankets are nice too!) Here are a few ideas—Apparel.

Koozies and Coolers

Collapsible koozies with your businesses logo are always welcome as are coolers, whether they’re tubs, barrels, or soft sided.  And thermal totes are great things to have at any tailgate party.


You don’t want to stand the entire party, do you? And neither do your guests. Folding chairs with matching branded carrying cases sharing your organization’s information will be sat in, appreciated, and used over and over again. Once inside, stadium chairs and cushions add to the enjoyment of the game as well as spread the message of your business.


Cups are great, and not just for drinking games, but because people keep cups from their favorite team, and when the cup carries your brand, they see it every time they drink from it. Uno cups, stadium cups, and color changing cups are all fun.

And More

Car window pennants, water bottles, temporary tattoos, and hot and cold gel packs can make everything a little better. Footballs to toss, from full size to mini vinyl balls are always a hit, and how about a branded pop-up tent, or a custom wrapped tailgate trailer! Harding Group Indianapolis Colts Trailer.

It might not seem like football weather, but you’re mistaken, it is. It’s time to stock up on tailgate SWAG. If you’d like to discuss promotional products for your corporate tailgate party, Contact Us, we know the score.