The best answer is it depends on the NFP (Not-for-Profit). There are products better suited to the specific initiatives of any given charity, and there are advertising specialty products that work in general for NFP’s.

Promotional Products that Rock for NFP’s

Wristbands and bracelets are a great way for followers to show their support. Sometimes the color alone tells a story. Foe example, what comes to mind when you see a pink wristband? Bracelets are available in neoprene, silicone, cloth, and vinyl. They may be printed to include a charities logo, contact information, or branded to an event.

Lanyards, badge holders, and badges are another good way to share with supporters. They come in an almost unimaginable array and can be used to reward and recognize your followers. For example, they make excellent access passes at events.

Buttons, stickers, and magnets are another way to get your name out there and support your brand. People enjoy and wear buttons. Magnets placed on the fridge at home or the office may stay there promoting your NFP for months if not years.

Apparel, hats, T-shirts, and jackets are an excellent way to recognize volunteers, contributors, and donators. I have a couple of T-Shirts I’ve had for several years that I’m proud to wear and show my support, don’t you? Who doesn’t love wearing SWAG in support of their favorite NFP’s?

Health and wellness products fit the image of most charitable events. My wife once ordered two skids of branded bottled water for a hospitality suite at a convention. The water was printed with the emblem of the national NFP. Water bottles, first aid kits, and fitness devices all play well with NFP’s.

Traditional promo products such as writing instruments and notepads work well. I have a brown leather notepad embossed with a charities name and logo that I’ve carried to events since I received the gift in 2011.

What Promotional Products are best for your Organization?

Almost any promotional product will work for a charitable organization depending on the goal. Is the purpose to honor volunteers, brand the organization, or solicit donations? What products fit the mission of the NFP? If you’d like to discuss this further contact us, we’d be happy to help. It’s our mission.