An effective FAQ page answers client questions, establishes your brand as an expert, and improves SEO. However, not all FAQ pages are created equal. Just having a FAQ page isn’t enough because a poorly constructed website FAQ page can hurt your brand.

Readability is Tops

The font should be easy to read, both in style and size. Much depends on your web design, but a good example is Arial at a minimum of 12.

The content needs to get to the point; this isn’t the place to wax poetic.

Poor color contrast between the copy and background will hide your message.

The page needs to be simple, straight forward, and focused on ease of consumption for visitors.

Write Good Titles

FAQ titles shouldn’t be long-winded; short and sweet titles are best. Depending on your product it might be helpful to arrange titles by category. Stick to one question, avoid trendy titles, and answer the questions your target audience is searching for not only what you know how to answer, 4 keys to identifying and reaching your audience.

Use Keywords

An FAQ page can be full of keywords without cramming them in. Keywords can be used gracefully and naturally in the content. Keep your top keywords in mind when writing FAQ’s. For example, if your keyword is vehicle graphics don’t use car advertising, use vehicle graphics.

Link it

Have you ever sought out an FAQ page? Most folks don’t go to a website and navigate to the FAQ page. If you want your FAQ’s read, share them. Link them in blog posts, share them on social media, and make them easy to find as well as to navigate.

Stay on Topic

Don’t clutter your FAQ page with unrelated topics. It should be FAQ’s only, and they should adhere to a KISS format. If you find that your FAQ’s fill three pages, you might have too many FAQ’s. However, there’s a way to cover multiple topics and post several pages of FAQ’s. Set up a FAQ category on your blog. TKO Graphix FAQ’s.

Keep it Updated

Questions change, and sometimes we find better answers to old questions. New products and services affect FAQ’s, and marketing campaigns can change the focus as well. A FAQ page isn’t stagnant it’s fluid.

Is Your FAQ Page Effective?

Is your FAQ page effective? Does it answer the questions your target audience is searching? Does it stay on topic and is it easy to read? Most organizations will answer yes to all of these questions, but we’ve found that most business people, other than the copy writers and web designers, seldom visit their FAQ page. When’s the last time you reviewed your FAQ page, could it be—never? If you’d like us to review your site let us know. If you have an FAQ’s you want answered Contact Us.

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