You’re involved with an event, or you’ve decided to give your customers something to remember you by so, you decide to investigate promotional products. You go online and … there are thousands of choices. Really, there’s just too many to look at. You ask yourself, how in the heck do I pick what’s best for my company and me? What promo products should I use?

What Promo Products Should I Use? What’s Best for My Business?

This is a frequent question. The problem is there are hundreds of thousands of promotional products available so, how does anyone pick what’s best for their organization? It begins by understanding your needs and expectations. A promotional product provider should ask you the following:

When do you need it?

If it’s on short notice, a provider can suggest products and suppliers who can meet your needs.

Where will it be used?

For example, is it for an event? We recently sponsored a golf outing so we gave away TKO branded golf accessories as promotional products. If it’s a trade show, what’s the trade and how can a promotional product fit the needs of attendees? Is it for new customers, all customers, or prospects? What is your product and how would a promotional product relate to your customer?

Who is your target audience?

What might appeal to your target audience? What category of product would your demographic appreciate? Stay clear of promotional products they wouldn’t use.

What’s your price point?

By understanding your budget, a promotional product provider can show you the products and suppliers that best fit your needs.

What is your company’s logo, color, and slogan?

Design is critical. For example, if your businesses branded color is blue, a provider might suggest a light-colored product to act as a background to highlight your logo. If you want to use your slogan, the provider can show you products large enough for it to be effective, and the same with your logo.

What do you hope to gain?

Are you looking for a product that consumers will keep and use over and over again? Is it to be a one-time product geared to a specific event? Will you use the product at several events? Do you expect a call to action, such as website visits, lead generation, or social media interaction? Is attaching your company’s name to an event what’s most important to you?

The Answer

The answer to what promo products should I use is what do you need. By understanding your needs, wants, and desires, a promotional product provider can narrow your product choices down from thousands to a few products that fit your needs. If you’d like us to help you slim down that list, we’d be happy to offer suggestions. With over twenty years of experience, Jack Woodlock of TKO Marketing Solutions, and his team would be happy to help. Contact them here.