Founded in 1970, Metro Elevator offers more than 500 construction hoists and industrial lifts, installing and servicing them throughout North America. The Indiana-based family-owned business has built long-standing relations with customers as well as employees. They’re a great company to work with and for.

So, Why all the Pink Merchandise?

That’s a good question. Metro Elevator believes in giving back. They give back to the community with Indy Car and Colts Sponsorships. That brings us to the pink items. Metro Elevator’s pink brand is more than promotional items. Did you know they make pink hoists and lifts? Here’s what Metro Elevator has to say.

“Metro believes in giving back to the community and other worthwhile national organizations such as the Susan G. Komen foundation. In fact, Metro is helping to bring breast cancer awareness to major metropolitan areas simply by painting our hoists pink (upon request of the contractor). Our first pink hoist was erected in downtown Cincinnati in 2014. We hope to do more. Please contact us about our Pink Hoist program.” — Metro Elevator Giving Back

Pink Promotional Products

The Metro promotional products in support of the Susan G Komen foundation include:

  • Hats and caps
  • Coats and jackets
  • T-shirts
  • Backpacks
  • Sweats
  • Cups and thermos
  • Gloves

And there’s more such as hard hats with pink decals!

Some of the promotional products are pink; others are black or gray with pink accents, regardless they all support a worthy cause sponsored by an exceptional company. We at TKO marketing can’t think of a better example of corporate responsibility than what Metro Elevator does. And besides, the Metro Elevator team is a pleasure to work with.

What Does Metro Elevator Do?

“Metro provides a complete line of safe, rack & pinion elevators needed in high-rise and other multi-level buildings undergoing construction or renovation. Metro Elevator has provided both temporary elevators and permanent installations for many power plants, coal mines, oil refineries, and other industrial facilities throughout the United States during outages planned for maintenance. “– About Metro Elevator

What Charities do you Support?

If you’d like ideas on promotional products in support of your charitable initiatives Contact Us. What’s your favorite color?