Are you fit conscious? Do you count your daily and weekly steps? Are you a hiker, jogger, or a fan of yoga? Whether you lift weights or jump rope, you most likely participate in some form of physical fitness. Am I right? Here’s my point, so do many if not most of your customers. The majority of your target audience, clients, and employees exercise, it may be a spin class or water aerobics, but they take part in something to improve their physical well-being. This is where you and your business come in. Fitness promotional products fit your customers.

Fitness Promotional Products

Study upon study covering promotional products finds that the longest kept and most appreciated promotional products are those that the end user finds useful.  Think about it, when you give clients useful products, your name and brand may be seen for years.

So, let’s put 2+2+2 together. Most people exercise, customers like promotional products that are useful, useful branded merchandise is kept and seen. Sounds like a win-win-win, doesn’t it? Want some ideas!

  • Yoga mats with cases
  • straw beach exercise mats
  • Sports duffel bags
  • All sorts of pedometers from handheld to wristbands with some under $2.00!
  • Cool down headbands
  • Jump ropes
  • Apparel, wicking shirts, sweatpants, jackets, and more
  • Massage balls
  • Rain ponchos
  • Stretch bands and dual handled exercise bands
  • Lighted mobile phone holder armbands
  • Sports bottles

Make it Your Customers Choice

The twelve bullet ideas above are only a start, because there are hundreds if not thousands of fitness promotional products fit for your customers. And there are at least two or three fit advertising products that would fit you and your customers. Here’s an idea, why not chose more than one fitness product and then let your clients pick the one they want? Would you like to view a few? Click here — Fitness Promotional Products