OK, the web CTA (call to action) checklist is free to everyone, but if you’re reading this, I caught your attention. You took the action I hoped you would take. (BTW, if you read the entire post and leave a comment you’ll be automatically entered a drawing for free stuff — maybe.) Anyway, the key to an effective CTA (Call to action) is to find the emotional and logical hot buttons that will encourage your target audience to take the next step in their journey with you.

Web CTA Copy Checklist

  1. Clearly communicate the actions you desire. Don’t beat around the bush or wax eloquent. Edit out every word that isn’t essential, and use action verbs such as:
  • Download
  • Buy
  • Shop
  • Subscribe
  • Sign up
  • Order
  • Fill out

If your web CTA doesn’t include at least one action verb, you may be missing out.

  1. Add urgency by giving people a logical reason to take action. There are two basic types of urgency.

       Gain a benefit, for example:

  • Avoid Government Fines
  • Save Energy
  • Hire the best employees

       FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) such as:

  • Buy today and save 20%
  • Limited time only
  • First 20 receive free gift
  1. Paint a picture with your future client in it. Fill your prospects heads with images of what will happen when they take action. Use active questions. For example, a wise real estate person used action questions while showing my wife and I a home. The agent asked whose bedroom would this be? How would you arrange your furniture? What would you do with this bonus room?” That was 17 years ago. We still live in the home.
  • Need a vacation? Put yourself on this beach!
  • What would you do with 5 free hours a week?
  • Not getting enough sleep? We can help.
  1. Shock and awe your prospect. Hit ‘em over the head with it. This method doesn’t work for every type of business. I doubt it would be a good fit for a financial institute, but if your business and industry is on the fun side try this. Here are three examples.
  • Why your website sucks and how to fix it
  • Learn how your crappy wardrobe is holding you back!
  • “Come on Man” you know better! What not to eat

Calling You to Action

Is it time to take action on your CTA copy? Does your copy work? Could it be better? When’s the last time you A/B tested your CTA? It may be time to experiment with your calls to action, add some urgency, paint a picture, or even shock a prospect, and it may lead more visitors flowing down your sales funnel. If you’d like us to look at your website and evaluate your CTA, Contact Us. This limited offer is free to the first twenty responders!

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos Alejandro Escamilla