More years ago than I like to remember, August 15th marked the beginning of the end of summer for me. It was when high school football practice got into full swing. At that time, practice was prohibited until then, so beginning 8/15 we went at it full bore. We got out of the gate with two-a-days. Two full practices a day, in full gear, in the full sun. It was brutal. Halfway through the practice we got a salt tablet and an ice cube—the only liquid we had during practice. Like I said, it was brutal, but it was also a lesson in discipline, focus, and teamwork. My senior year we went undefeated, and the streak continued for three years, 27 and 0. Part of what made us successful was support from our community. It wasn’t only our friends and family but neighbors and local businesses as well. Their support kept us on track. Here are a few ideas to help you support your team.

Support your Team

Originally I was going to use Indianapolis native Dave Letterman’s top ten formats, but there are a lot more than ten ways to support your team with promotional products. I opted for six categories, and each of them could be a top ten.

Footballs – Real footballs autographed by the team, mini plastic balls, five-inch foam balls, stress footballs, and more.

Noisemakers – Branded megaphones, boomsticks, banners, as well as hand-held signs are seen and heard by your team and your customers.

Apparel – Numbered mesh jerseys, ball caps, hoodies, and jackets have plenty of room for your team’s mascot and your organization’s name—sponsored by ABC Products.

Comfort – Koozies and coolers, stadium cushions, seats, and blankets. There are stadium towels, water bag lanyards, and Coleman deluxe stadium cooler seats.

Support – Buttons, buttons, and more buttons. Buttons can used to support your team and your company. Folding schedules are a great way to support the team and advertise. Temporary tattoos of the team mascot brought to you by yours truly are hard to forget because they’re just so much darn fun.

Go Team!

When you head to the stands this fall to watch your favorite team, don’t forget specialty products; they support your team and your organization. Don’t underestimate the importance of support to your team, who knows, with enough support they might go undefeated. Push ‘em back—Push ’em back—Way back! If you’d like to know more about football promotional products, contact us we’ll help you score a touchdown.