Jack Woodlock, sales executive at TKO Marketing Solutions, shared a story about working at a large trade show. A giant pharmaceutical company’s massive display was next to his small booth. It had interactive elements, staff galore, and even a walk-through mock-up of the human body. It was impressive. Being ignored, getting lost in the corporations crowd, was a very real concern for Jack. It worked out the other way. Jack’s booth had a line longer than any of his neighbors. He was giving away Smilez pens; they’re pens with little heads and hats on them. There are wild hair Smilez, yellow capped safety hats, firemen, and more. They were a hit. Folks waited to get a pen from Jack. It was fun. It drew a crowd.

Fun Product Recommendation –Smilez Pens

Do you remember the, “That was easy” ad campaign from Staple’s? They had desk buttons that repeated “That was easy.”  I told a good friend it was too bad she didn’t have one during her college days. Anyway, you can buy a desk button; add your artwork and record 10 or 20 seconds of audio. We have one in the office that exclaims “Brilliant!” it’s hard to walk by it and not press the button. What would you share? New product information, your business card, and contact numbers, something fun and funny?

Fun Product Recommendation—Recordable Desk Buttons

Are you old enough to recall mood rings? Did you own one? The mood cup is a newer version of the same idea. It changes color with the temperature—blue to purple, frosted to green, frosted to purple and more. Screen print your name, logo, contact information, and tagline on the cup then watch the background change before your eyes. Tell me that isn’t fun.

Fun product recommendation—Mood Cups

How to Draw a Crowd

If you want to draw a crowd to your trade show exhibit, open house, or charity event you have to entertain people. And one of the best ways to accomplish this is to give them something that brings a smile to their face and a laugh to their lips. Give them something that is F.U.N. fun. Smilez Pens, Desk Buttons, and Mood Cups are fun, and there’s more where those came from. If you’d like to learn more about fun and funny specialty products, let us know. We won’t laugh at you.