There are hundreds of thousands of promotional products available, and there are thousands of ways to advertise with those products. But when you combine a great product, a once in a lifetime event, and an experienced team of promotional product consultants like  TKO Marketing Solutions you get something more than the ordinary.

Two products that stand out from the crowdfuzzys-vodka-glorifier

Bottle Glorifiers are great tools to capture people’s attention at clubs, restaurants, and events. They can be used to set the mood while displaying spirits. This Fuzzy’s Bottle Glorifier is all about racing. The Glorifier lights up from a brickyard base, which holds a fifth of Fuzzy’s Premium Vodka next to a miniature scoring tower with a backdrop of illuminated racing flags.

Countdown clocks reverse time; they count backward to an event. In the case of this Fuzzy’s Premium Vodka countdown clock, it’s counting down to the running the 100th Indianapolis 500. The clock is encased in an aluminum box, which has been painted black. It shares the Countdown to the greatest spectacle in racing and highlights the #20 Fuzzy Indy Car, with Indianapolis’s own Ed Carpenter behind the wheel. The clock shares Fuzzy’s branded font, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway logo, and the 100th running emblem.

How to stand out with promotional products

Let’s face it there are millions of promotional products given away every year by thousands of organizations. How can any single advertising specialty product stand out? It begins with a superior organization and offering. If the product represented by the promotional piece isn’t outstanding the advertising isn’t as effective. Fuzzy’s Premium Vodka is an outstanding product.

Outstanding events call for outstanding products, not the same ole SWAG that everyone gets every year, but something that shows off the product and adds excitement to the advertising campaign. The TKO Marketing Solutions team achieved this with these two products.

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to learn more about “glorifying” your product with promotional products contact us we’ll be sure to give you the full “countdown”.