I’ve written a lot about the value of Promotional Products as advertising specialties. Giveaways can be a productive addition to any marketing campaign. They boost and support advertising initiatives. Promotional products are a great way to recognize employees, vendors, and customers. And when you give it away it will be passed forward.

Promotional Products Work

Yes, promotional products work, 76.1 % of consumers who receive promotional products remember the company who gave them the SWAG. Not only do they recognize the business, but they remember them favorably and are more likely to make future purchases from the organization. And if those aren’t enough reasons here are 25 Compelling Reasons to use Promotional Products.

Promotional Products Take on a Life of Their Own

All the facts shared in my 25 compelling reasons post are only the beginning. Because you see promotional products take on a life of their own. Promotional products don’t fade away they’re given away. When the initial owners are done with their SWAG the majority pass it on. They give it away, give it away, give it away now.

What Happens to Old Promotional Products?

According to the most recent ASI Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, 20 percent of promotional products are thrown out, 17 percent stored, and 63 percent  given away. Consumers 55 years of age and older give away 70 percent of their promotional products when they’re done with them while those 35 and younger pass on 55 percent of their SWAG to others.

The Southwest gives away 68 percent, Midwest 65, Southeast 61, West 60, and New England shares 57 percent of their advertising specialties.

What’s This Mean for You?

What this means for you and your business is that impressions, how many times your branded product is seen, are much better than most surveys show. And that’s because the studies don’t take into consideration that promotional products have a life of their own. Across the board, promotional products are 60 percent more efficient than the numbers tell us because of their second wind.

If you’d like to learn more about promotional products Contact Us because we have the knowledge and we’re happy to give it away, give it away now.