My hackles go up when I see Christmas merchandise and decorations in stores before Halloween. I believe the holiday starts on Thanksgiving and not one day, not one hour, not one minute before. So, what’s up with this Happy September and Merry Christmas Card blog post? What gives?

When Does Holiday Preparation Begin?

I remember reading an autobiography of a first lady who was surprised when the White House Staff began asking her for Holiday decisions in May. They asked her to decide on menus, decorations, color palates for invitations, and centerpiece ideas. Being her first year in the White House, she thought the staff was being overzealous—until Christmas arrived and she realized the planning started when it needed to start—May. So, what’s that got to do with this blog post?

Because it’s Time to Order Your Christmas Cards!

Oh sure, you could wait until the last minute and get something generic that doesn’t really fit the culture of your organization and looks like every other card from every other business. Or, you could begin now and work with an advertising specialist on the best card for your business with a message designed just for you.

A Merry Christmas Card For You

There are thousands of cards to choose from. Some with preprinted messages and some open to sharing your special message. We even have a design team that can make a one of a kind card for you. Whatever avenue you decide to take the key is, don’t wait. Most of us, at one time or another, have waited until the last minute and been disappointed with our choices. So here’s the question. Why Wait? Seriously, what’s stopping you from finding the perfect card now? It may not be Halloween yet, but if you want the best Holiday card to represent your organization the time is now. If you’d like our assistance Contact Us. Here are a few examples of Holiday Cards. Happy September and Merry Christmas!