Fact sheets are an important tool. Interested parties, investors, bankers, vendors, and employees all find fact sheets appealing. They’re a straightforward and simple way to share the facts. Fact sheets can be used to cover several areas and topics. Conventions and trade shows are a great place to use fact sheets. They can be part of a sales presentation, and press kits should include fact sheets.

What facts sheets should be in a press kit?

Press Kits will include more than fact sheets, for example, news about your company, artwork including letterhead and logo, and contact information. A press kit should also include several fact sheets that may also be distributed independently of the press kit. Marketing can use fact sheets for both collateral and online marketing initiatives. Sales can use them to gain a client’s trust and understanding. They can be used to promote a positive culture with fellow employees, and they can be part of a business plan geared to investors.

4 Types of fact sheets

Product – Product fact sheets should include the features, advantages, and benefits of the product. When applicable the sheet could include product data and statistics. It also may include customer testimonials.

Biographies – The back story about the senior staff can add trust and believability to an organization. Sharing how the founder or CEO got started, accomplishments, as well as challenges, make a corporation more human.

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions in the form of fact sheets help set a product, service, or company apart from its competition—without knocking the competitors. Rather than tear down others weaknesses a fact sheet can show your strengths.

Company Story – How did the company begin, where’s it going? For example, TKO began with our president Tom Taulman II riding his bike to work at a shop that painted letters on trucks. When Tom was 19 years old the owner of the company passed away. That was 1985. The rest is history. It’s a compelling story, isn’t it?

Just the Facts 

If your organization isn’t using fact sheets, both online and in print, you may be losing a golden opportunity. Fact sheets that share information about the company, founders, and products build relationships, establish credentials, and begin the sales process. If you’d like to learn more about custom fact sheets designed specifically for your operation contact us. We’d love to help you with it, and that’s a fact.