So, how many of your customers use calendars? The answer is all of them. Sometime before New Year’s Eve 2017 every single one of your customers will receive, purchase, and download calendars. The question is what kind of calendar will your customer keep and use throughout 2017?

12 Months of Advertising

Giving away a promotional calendar, which hits your customer’s sweet spot, translates into 12 months of exposure for your business. 12 months of daily use 365 days a year, 260 working days. Your customer will be reminded of your organization over and over again and the chances are when they need your product or service you’ll rise to the top of their mind. So what kind of calendar should you give away? It depends.

What’s the Best Calendar?

What’s the best calendar? It depends on your business, industry, and target audience. For example, if your business is pet grooming, a 12 month calendar of dogs or cats would most likely be hung on a wall in your customer’s kitchen. At least that’s where it hangs in my home.

An HVAC company could promote a calendar with dates for home maintenance. I’d use that wouldn’t you? You can begin by looking for calendar subject matter that fits your business.

Here are a few examples:

  • Old Farmer’s Almanac Calendar
  • Landscaping
  • Tractor-trailers
  • Inspirational
  • Country
  • Coffee
  • Scenic America
  • Dogs and Cats

Have You Got Style?

The next step is considering what style of calendar your customer might use. In the example above the HVAC calendar might be a peel and stick to hang on a wall in the garage, while the pet calendar could be magnetic for the fridge.

Here are more examples:

  • Desk
  • Planners
  • Pocket
  • Appointment
  • Mouse pad
  • Pop up
  • Tri-fold
  • Kwik stik – year at a glance
  • Spinner

How Many Calendars Do You Have?

Many people think paper calendars are a thing of the past, that a calendar to hang on a wall, or set on your desk is a dinosaur. The facts are most people use calendars on their PCs, Macs, and devices, but they have paper calendars as well. And most of your customers own more than one calendar at home and at work.

So, what kind of calendar will your customer use throughout the entire 2017 calendar year?

If you’d like to view the many types and styles of calendars mentioned in this post go to Calendars.

If you have any questions please contact us we’ll be here all year.

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos  Photo by rawpixel