How many promotional products do you have in your home? I asked myself this question, and my answer was – I wasn’t sure. So, I did a count. I had eight ballcaps, more than a dozen T-shirts, two jackets, a vest, and a visor. My count for branded apparel alone was 24 items. Next, I checked my home office, I had two calendars, one mouse pad, and a couple of advertising specialty flash drives, bringing my total to 29, and that’s not counting several pens and all my wife’s stuff. According to the most recent ASI impressions study I’m ahead of the curve for my age demographic, which doesn’t surprise me. I attend a lot of events where SWAG is shared. So, how many promotional products are in your home?

Do Not Miss this Opportunity

So, here’s my point. If you’re involved in marketing for an organization and you’re not taking advantage of advertising specialty products, then you’re missing a golden opportunity. Because not only do folks keep promotional products at home, they use them at the office as well.

“Data shows the average household in the U.S. owns 30 promotional items. Gen X-led households own an average of 34 items, followed by millennials (30) and baby boomers (28). “The ubiquity of promotional products in America is staggering,” says Nate Kucsma, executive director of research and corporate marketing at ASI. “Just think about it. If there are 120 million households in America, that means there are over three billion company logos floating around the U.S. at any given time.” No wonder the industry is growing and will soon surpass $24 billion in annual sales.” — ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute Ad Impressions Study 2019.

And Another Thing

Okay, people have 30 or so promotional products at home that they use and see often, but here’s the other thing – they keep them. Promotional products aren’t a first impression form of advertising they’re a lasting impression. PP’s are used, appreciated, remembered, and seen by others for months!

  • Outerwear 16 months
  • Umbrellas 14 months
  • T-shirts 14 months
  • USB Drives 13 months
  • Desk Accessories 13 months
  • Polo Shirts 13 months
  • Mobile Power Banks 12 months
  • Drinkware 12 months
  • Bags 11 months
  • Headwear 10 months
  • Writing Instruments 9 months
  • Calendars 9 months

Statistics from — Promotional products have tremendous staying power

What Promotional Products of Yours are in Your Customer’s Home? 

It’s something to think about. What SWAG have you given you customers that they’ve taken home and looked at for 9, 12, or 16 months? What advertising specialty products with your logo are on their desk at work? If you’re not sure, if you don’t have an answer at your fingertips, it might be time to rethink promotional product marketing. We can help, Contact Us.