Employee recognition is one of the keys to motivating, retaining, and improving your team, and it doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or confusing. It’s important because most employees thrive on being recognized. They want to know what they’re doing matters and that how they’re doing it has been noticed. Happy employees are more productive employees, and if you want happy employees, let them know their work is appreciated. If you don’t recognize the positive contributions of your team, you’re missing an opportunity to improve your organization. So, do you know how to use promotional products to recognize employees?

How Important is Employee Recognition?

In a Huffington Post article, Michael S. Broder Ph.D. states, “For many, it’s the opportunity to impress others or receive praise or validation, since their primary motivator is actually to gain recognition or approval from others. While you might correctly assume that practically everyone likes the approval of others, some people actually need it to flourish, and don’t do as well when they aren’t feeling validated. So, recognize these individuals for doing a good job – for example, in the form of awards (such as, ‘Employee of the Month’).”

Doesn’t Employee Recognition Take Time to Prepare?

Managers often don’t bestow the praise team members deserve because they don’t know how to do it or think they don’t have time. One simple method is to establish an employee recognition promotional product program. Any reputable specialty product provider can make it quick and easy to do. Once it’s in place, certificates, trophies, and plaques with your logo to recognize your team are only a click away.

How to Use Promotional Products to Recognize Employees

So, do you want to celebrate a birthday, work anniversary, or a company milestone? It’s all there ready to go, caps, t-shirts, jackets – you name it. If you want happier and more productive employees, give them a little recognition. If you’d like ideas on setting up an employee recognition program for your organization, we’d be happy to help. Contact Us.