Yes, safety products may be branded as promotional products, and many traditional specialty products may be used to improve safety. For example, water bottles, ball caps, or pens aren’t safety items. However, they can be used to develop safety initiatives by sharing information. A ball cap with “Safety First” stitched on the brim, a pen with a safety slogan, or a water bottle sharing a safety slogan, all help spread the word. And traditional safety items, such as first aid kits, hard hats, or fire extinguishers can be branded as well. Here’s how more on how to use promotional products  support safety.

Promotional Product Safety Kits

Kits can be tailored to fit your safety needs. For example, first aid kits don’t have to be limited to traditional first aid products. They may include first aid how-to guides or specific kits like burn or eyewash kits. First aid backpacks, vehicle safety packages, and even home first aid kits can help spread the message and increase safety preparedness.

When it comes to lost work hours due to injury, it doesn’t matter if the employee is hurt at work or home. First aid kits at work, home, and in the car, can all make an impact. Being aware and prepared for potential hazards is more than an eight-hour workday — it’s a 24-hour challenge.

An Ounce of Prevention

Work safety products include apparel such as glasses, hats, and vests. Bright yellow caution signs warning of wet floors, low overhead, or hardhat areas can keep team members from harm. Safety gloves, masks, and earplugs are only a few of the thousands of products that can be used to avoid injury and deliver a safety message. From stress balls to bandage dispensers, safety can be promoted at every level in your organization.

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