It may seem too early to think about promotional gifts for your customers, vendors, and employees, but the holidays have a way of sneaking up on you, don’t they? It’s only 65 days until Santa drops down the chimney, and about half that many days before the official unofficial beginning of the holiday season—Thanksgiving. It’s time to start thinking about what specialty presents you want to represent your organization.


Anyone who’s worked in an office knows the excitement of opening a festive food-filled gift pack from a vendor. The suspense of what’s packed inside, the thrill of discovery, and the sampling of the fare add fun to the holiday season. It also speaks well of the vendor. Is it true that calories from holiday sweets don’t count? Here are some ideas for food and beverages.

Holiday Themed Merchandise

Several years ago a local television station that supported and promoted a holiday food drive we participated in, gave us a lovely ornament. The design includes the call letters for the affiliate. It hangs prominently on our tree every year. You can help your customers decorate their tree and workplace too. There are angels, candles, and ornaments galore. Stockings, pine scented incense, and more. Here are a few Holiday Gift ideas.

Bags, Books, and Music

More than a few years, a quick-mart convenience store gave away a Christmas CD. I’m old enough that I still play CD’s and every year this compilation of Christmas standards is on my holiday music rotation. And every time I play the CD, I see the cover with a thank you from the corporation. I’ve gone out of my way to stop at their locations. They have my loyalty.

Holiday themed books are available. Wouldn’t a holiday book with your company logo attached beat a Christmas card?

Bags are practical specialty products. They can be used for shopping, gift wrapping, or storing holiday cheer. Most bags can be Holiday themed. Use your imagination.

It’s a Gift

There are as many holiday specialty gifts as there are products on the shelf. The possibilities are limitless. What would your customers, vendors, and employees appreciate? If you’d like to learn more, and want some promotional gift ideas, contact us we have a gift for this sort of thing.