Law firms advertise. Most Law firms market their specific type of law. However, many are missing an opportunity by not using law office promotional products. The business of law is perfect for sharing advertising specialty products. It’s a good fit, but I’ll let you be the “judge.”

The “Brief” Case and more

The origin of the briefcase was a leather pocket to carry legal briefs. I’d say that was a pretty good fit for a law firm. But not only briefcases but padfolios, computer cases, satchels, and bags can all become branded promotional products to be used to give to clients and to brand the entire staff. Imagine every attorney at firm carrying the same branded padfolio just the perfect size to hold a “legal” pad. Writing pads and binders abound that are perfect for law clients as well as lawyers.

Pens and more Pens

Can an attorney ever have enough pens? Pens to sign documents, pens to give to clients, and pens to take notes. Ballpoint, roller ball, and promotional click pens. Executive sets by Cross and stylus pen combinations with LED lighting attached.

Outside of the “Jury” Box

Law firms and Promotional Products make a Winning Case

Promotional products can be used to show appreciation to clients, recognize the efforts of an attorney, or prospect for new cases and customers. A “winning case” can be made for advertising specialties and the law. The jury is in, and the verdict is unanimous, promotional products aren’t above the law, they work hand in hand with it. If you’d like to learn about what products might be  best for your firm, send us an “inquiry”, Contact Us.

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos Photo by rawpixel