Financing the many and varied extracurricular school activities has always been a challenge. In today’s social climate, it may be more difficult than ever. So, it’s not uncommon for traditional programs to experience budget cuts or have their funds slashed entirely. Therefore, it’s critical to find effective methods to replace those funds. Because, while most schools offer fan-gear and other specialty branded products, many rely on happenstance rather than actively marketing these products. Because, using modern marketing strategies to promote your products will increase revenue and add convenience for your supporters.

What Products are Available?

  • Apparel – Clothing is the place to start; T-shirts, sweatshirts, ball caps, and jackets are all popular booster items. Whether it’s for a sporting team, performance group, or club supporters…everyone enjoys fan apparel.
  • Promotional –This includes license plate holders, refrigerator magnets, and stickers.
  • Bags – Backpacks, sports bags, and book bags; items all students need.
  • Event products – Blankets branded with the school logo, seat cushions, boom boom sticks, and insulated mugs.
  • Stationary and computer accessories – Pens, organizers, calendars as well as flash drives, smart phone holders and laptop cases can all be used to share support.
  • Informational pieces – The parents pocket guide to bullying, internet safety for kids, or dealing with teenage depression are all valuable and appreciated.

How to Market Promotional Products for School Fundraising

Offer gear for every team

Fan gear shouldn’t be limited to sports teams and performance arts. Because, every extracurricular school activity has supporters who would appreciate showing their pride. From the chess club to the yearbook staff there’s a place for fan-gear.

Make it easy to buy

These products can usually be found at school bookstores and often at events, but today that’s not enough. Because, the majority of consumers are used to more convenient methods of purchase. Here are a few ideas on marketing fundraising fan-gear.

  • Set up an online store – Make all fan gear and promotional products readily available to parents, grandparents, and other interested parties. An experienced specialty product vendor can help set this up.
  • Send opt-in Emails – Give supporters the opportunity to join an email list offering the newest gear.
  • Seek local retailers – Remember those local retailers who always purchase ad space in school publications and support the community? Ask them to display fundraising products in their store.
  • Create Collateral materials – With the help of a promotional product provider develop one-page merchandise sheets, brochures, and catalogs.
  • Offer products at ALL school events—not only sports and band.
  • Advertise for free – Use the schools newsletters, radio programs, and other media as advertising platforms.

Target your audience 

Use the data available to segment specific calls to action. For example, send an email or flyer to every parent of a student involved with a specific team, club, or performance group offering branded fan merchandise in support of the activity.

Give your supporters a reason

Explain the need for the funds, how they will be used, and the urgency (when the funds are needed.)

Branded promotional merchandise is a valuable tool that can be used to help support our schools and the many programs they offer. Because, these programs influence our children in positive ways and help them develop into well-rounded adults. What extracurricular activities helped mold you into the person you are today? If you’d like ideas on marketing promotional products at your school contact us, we’ll help you develop the lesson plan.