Every year TKO Graphix,  TKO Signs, and TKO Marketing Solutions share promotional gifts with our valued customers. Having an in-house promotional products team makes it possible to target gifts for our customers that fit their personalities. Some received food packages; others were given products that fit them. Here’s two items we combined and presented in a neat package.

  • Wood Swivel USB Flash Drive:

This natural wood USB flash drive has 8GB memory capacity. Hot plug and play with support for Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems.

  • Bluetooth Speaker:

Soundwave delivers pristine streaming audio from Bluetooth compatible devices like iPhone, iPad or Android OS devices. Play music, movies, and mobile audio as they were originally created in the studio, all within the palm of your hand. With the built-in microphone, Soundwave allows you to conference call on-the-go through your smartphone or by video chat programs like Skype, iChat or Google Talk. – PCNA Leeds

Packaging Matters—How are your Presents Wrapped?

A poorly presented package will often be poorly received. When a package is presented with artistry and charm, they are received with positive anticipation. That’s what Team TKO, especially Eric Benge  and Nancy Jarial, were able to do. It started with a theme – wood. Upon opening the gift, a card is on top that reads “Wishing you a joyful holiday in your neck of the WOODS”. Faux wood decals were added to the promotional items packaging. The wood flash drive, green crinkle paper, and twine all evoke that feeling of nature and the woods. If you’d like help with your promotional products and would like a package designed by artists in their own right let us know. Merry Christmas!