Mouse pads make great promotional products, but why is that? Not everyone uses pads, in an unscientific survey of employees at TKO I was surprised that more than 25% of those I asked did not use a mouse pad. A few accessed the mouse directly from their device, but most used a mouse without a pad. I did that for a while at my home office until I wore the finish off of my desk.

Here’s my point, the nearly 75% who use mouse pads use them every day, for hours at a time, and constantly see the message on the pad.  They might not use or look at any other single item in their workspace (their screensaver may come close) more than their mouse pad. Sounds like a pretty good place to advertise, don’t you think?

Why Pads Make Effective Promotional Products

Low cost

Mouse pads range in price from less than a dollar to three dollars each. You can order more than one hundred for less than one hundred dollars, and there aren’t many products that fit that category, especially as useful as pads.

Easy to print

There is plenty of room to print a company logo, contact information, or a call to action. And whatever you print will be viewed every day.

They can be fun and exciting

Other than size, there’s are few limits to what can be shared on a pad. Pads can be used to share fun photos from your phone, hobbies such as gardening, and images of pets—who doesn’t love a cute kitten or puppy?

They are useful

Mouse pads can double as notepads, calendars, or to-do lists

Types of Pads

There are recycled, soft cloth, hard surface, and antimicrobial pads. My favorite pads are the ones with padded wrist rests. They’re available in any color and shape—square, landscape, and round. There are ultra-thin mouse pads, peel and place, nonslip rubber backed pads, and more.

If you’ve never given away pads it might be time to consider it. They’re great at trade shows. open houses, product launches, and presentations. If you’d like to learn more about pads, Contact Us, we’re not mousing around.

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos Photo by Grovemade